SR. No. Tender No Title Date of Issue Last Date of Submission Documents
1 I-IEF21004 Integrated Circuits (ICs) Enq. No. I-IEF21004.pdf (2.31 MB)
2 I-IEN21027 LABORATORY JACKS (Mannual) Enq. No. I-IEN21027.pdf (337.7 KB)
3 I-IEN21023 Optical Track and Carriers with other Accessories Enquiry No. I-IEN21023.pdf (655.96 KB)
4 I-IEN21024 Bi- Covex Lenses & Coated Flat Mirror Enq. No. I-IEN21024.pdf (418.19 KB)
5 MFW Enq. No. II/ECH/2021/004 Fabrication & Supply of Lead embedded Rubber sheets for X-ray shieldingalong with mountingringsas per schematic drawing Enquiry MFW_II_ECRH_2021_4.pdf (985.48 KB)
6 I-IEN21025 Optical Table (tabletop and its rigid support frame) Enquiry No. I-IEN21025.pdf (328.56 KB)
7 I-IEN21026 Red He-Ne Laser (Power output=0.5-1.0 (mW)), Beam diameter ~0.5mm Enq. No. I-IEN21026.pdf (292.59 KB)
8 I-IEN21020 Earthing Pit- Chemical pipe in pipe type Enquiry No. I-IEN21020.pdf (980.98 KB)
9 I-IEN21016 Mircosoft 365 Business basic Annual Subsciption Enq No I-IEN21016.pdf (1.1 MB)
10 I-IEN21017 Reminder-1 Xenon DIscharge (Calibration) Lamp & NEON Discharge Lamp Reminder-1 _I-IEN21017.pdf (372.1 KB)
11 I-IEN21021 Neutral Density Filters (0.1 to 0.9 Optical density for 450- 700nm) Enq. No. I-IEN21021.pdf (96.01 KB)
12 I-IEN21019 Reminder-2 Optical Fiber Collimator with 10,20,40 mm apertures Reminder-2_I-IEN21019.pdf (1.52 MB)
13 I-IEN21022 Beam Expander Enq. No. I-IEN21022.pdf (94.95 KB)
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