Power Supplies

Power Supplies

Package mainly deals with power supply (PS) systems of ITER, where loads are radio frequency (RF) generators or neutral beam (NB) injectors.

In particular the DC High Voltage PS systems will be connected to:

  • The anodes and driver stages of the IC tetrodes: ICHVPS 27/18kV (Dual Output), 3MW
  • The cathodes, anodes and bodies of the EC gyrotrons: EC MHVPS 55kV, 5.5MW
  • The acceleration grids and auxiliaries of the NB (1000kV, 20MW) and DNB injectors: DNBPS including AGPS 100kV, 7.2MW, ISEPS 5MW, GRPS 4MW

Currently internal R&D activities are ongoing at ITER-India lab.

Several Indian Industries are manufacturing power supply components for ITER through Electronics Corporation of India Ltd. (ECIL)

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