Opportunities at ITER Organization

Sr.No Reference No. Title Date of Issue Due date Documents
1 Call for Nomination No. IO/19/CFT/70000504/TKA Framework Contract for Supply of Flexible Hose and Flexible Connecting Pipe IO19CFT70000504TKA_WEB.zip
2 Call for Nomination No. IO/19/CFT/7-470/ERA High Level IT Consultancy Services IO19CFT7-470ERA_WEB.zip
3 Call for Nomination No. IO/19/CFT/7-483/LLJ Diagnostics Specialized Engineering Design Framework Contract IO19CFT-7-483LLJ_WEB.zip
4 Call for Nomination No. IO/19/CFT/70000487/TKA Framework Contract for Supply of Safety Valves for the ITER fluid systems IO19CFT-7-487TKA_WEB.zip
5 Call for Nomination No. IO/19/CFT/7-490/ERA PDM/PLM System Global Engineering Support IO19CFT-7-490_WEB.zip
6 IO/19/CFN/16952/JPA Design and manufacturing of the VV PHTS Pressurizer, ESPN N3 classified IO19CFN16952JPA-web.zip
7 IO/MSY/19/DCA/PMT Market Survey for ITER Diverter Cassette Assembly Integration launched by ITER Organization IOMSY19DCAPMT-MarketSurvey.zip
8 IO/19/CFT/17766/ERA Manufacturing design and procurement of Access Control System (ACS) and Circulation Control Monitoring (CCM) subsystems IO19CFT17766ERA-ACS_CCM-web.zip
9 Call for Expertise No. IO/19/CFE/17700/JTR Engineering support to the Area Managers for B11, B14 & B74 IO19CFE17700JTR_EnggSupport_web.zip
10 Call for Nomination No. IO/19/CFT/70000482/ADC Crane Operator Services IO19CFT70000482ADC_CraneOperatorServices.zip
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