Opportunities at ITER Organization

Sr.No Reference No. Title Date of Issue Due date Documents
1 Call for Expertise No.: IO/21/CFE/10021097/INU Mechanical engineering support for the disruption mitigation system design (DMS tenant integration and mechanical design activities) IO21CFE10021097INU.web_.zip
2 Call for Nomination (CFN) No. IO/21/CFT/20895/ADC CS Pre-Compression Hydraulic Tooling Call for Nominations - IO21CFT20895ADC.zip
3 Call for Nomination No. IO/21/CFT/10020269/LIY Service Contract for Mechanical Engineering Services of TCWS EWP production CFN_10020269_web.zip
4 Call for Nomination No. IO/21/CFT/7-681/FMR Engineering support and oversight of construction and testing activities for buildings and services IO21CFT7-681FMR_web.zip
5 Call for Expertise No. IO/21/CFE/10020615/CPT Expert Support for 55.G8 Erosion Deposition Monitor IO21CFE10020615CPT_web.zip
6 Prior Indicative Notice IO Tender Reference: IO/21/OT/20963/CRI Supply, installation and maintenance/repairs of floor protection in B11 of the Tokamak Complex IO21OT20963CRI_web.zip
7 Call for Expertise No. IO/21/CFE/10020665/CPT Specialist work relating to Thomson Scattering Oversight IO21CFE10020665CPT_web.zip
8 Call for Nomination No. IO/21/CFT/19957/ADC Thermal Insulation for Cryostat Bellows Interface with Tokamak Building IO21CFT19957ADC_web.zip
9 Call for Nomination No. IO/21/CFN/10020701/DAL Final Design and Procurement of Divertor Operational Instrumentation Remote Handling Connectors IO21CFN10020701DAL_web.zip
10 Call for Nomination No. IO21CFT70000667LLU Diagnostic Electrical Services Implementation IO21CFT7-667LLU_web.zip
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