Opportunities at ITER Organization

Sr.No Reference No. Title Date of Issue Due date Documents
1 Call for Expertise No. IO/20/CFE/10019287/BBE Specialist engineering work relating to In-Vessel Diagnostic systems IO20CFE10019287BBE_web.zip
2 Call for Expertise No. IO20CFE10019154BBE Magnetic Diagnostics and electrical services preparation and installation IO20CFE10019154BBE_web.zip
3 Call for Nomination No. IO/20/CFT/19336/ABN Building 50’s Grouting and Related Works IO20CFT19336ABN_web.zip
4 Cancellation of Call for Nomination no. IO/20/CFT/70000497/LLU Cancellation of CFN for Supply of Components, Prototypes, and Tests for ITER Diagnostic Systems Cancellation_letter_7-497 v1.1.pdf
5 Call for Expertise No. IO/20/CFE/10019200/KJT Remote refurbishment of diagnostic integrated ports and tenants IO20CFE10019200KJT_web.zip
6 Call for Expertise No. IO/20/CFE/10019163/KJT Electrical Engineering support for diagnostic port integration IO20CFE10019163KJT_web.zip
7 Call for Expertise No. IO/20/CFE/19212/JLE Mechanical engineering support for DMS and diagnostics integration in Equatorial Ports #08 and #17 IO20CFE19212JLE_web.zip
8 Call for Nomination No. IO/20/C4T/19159/PMT Vacuum Vessel In-Service Inspection - Work Package WP4 -Design and Procurement of Acoustic Emission System for Three Upper Ports IO20C4T19159PMT_web.zip
9 Call for Nomination No. IO/20/CFT/7-580/ERA Data Archiving and Data Handling System IO20CFT7-580ERA_web.zip
10 Call for Nomination No. IO/20/CFT/70000588/ABN Framework Contract for Supply of Cables for the Plant Systems in the Tokamak Complex of the ITER facility IO20CFT70000588ABN_web.zip
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