Opportunities at ITER Organization

Sr.No Reference No. Title Date of Issue Due date Documents
1 Call for Expertise No. IO/20/CFE/10018790/RIA Engineering Support for 4D planning, preparation and documentation for the site assembly of Takamak components in Worksite 1 – Senior Mechanical Engineer IO20CFE10018790RIA_web.zip
2 IO/20/CFT/70000497/LLU Framework Contract for Supply of Components, Prototypes and Tests for ITER Diagnostic Systems IO20CFT70000497LLU_web.zip
3 Call for Nomination No. IO/19/CFN/18685/JPA Design and manufacturing of the VV PHTS and Drying System FILTERS IO19CFN18685JPA_web.zip
4 Call for Nomination No. IO/20/CFT/10018657 Procurement of First Plasma Protection Components IO20CFT10018657_web.zip
5 Call for Expertise No. IO/20/CFE/10018634/MBA Thermal Shield flow and thermal analysis update CFE_IO20CFE10018634MBA_web.zip
6 Call for Nomination No. IO20CFT18653JPK Procurement of Optical Fiber Feedthroughs IO20CFT18653JPK_WEB.zip
7 Call for Expertise No. IO/20/CFE/10018635/MBA Senior Engineer for TF Structure and Coil Manufacture Follow-up IO20CFE10018635MBA_web.zip
8 Call for Expertise No IO/20/CFE/10018509/YMA Project Manager for the Implementation of a New E-Procurement System CFE_IO20CFE10018509YMA_web.zip
9 Call for Nomination No. IO/20/CFT/70000534/APA Providing Construction and Vacuum Engineering Support to the ITER Project IO20CFT70000534APA_web.zip
10 Call for Nomination No.IO/19/CFT/7-533-Mech/ERA Computer Aided Design (CAD), Design Engineering and Support to ITER's CAD environment / infrastructure in the Mechanical Area IO120CFT7-533-MECH_web.zip
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