Opportunities at ITER Organization

Sr.No Reference No. Title Date of Issue Due date Documents
1 Call for Expertise No. IO/20/CFE/10019869/INU Technical administration support for the disruption mitigation system design IO20CFE19869INU_06Nov20.zip
2 Call for Expertise No. IO/20/CFE/10019870/INU Mechanical engineering support for the disruption mitigation system design focusing on ex-vessel design IO20CFE19870INU_web.zip
3 Call for Expertise No. IO/20/CFE/10019868/INU Mechanical engineering support for the disruption mitigation system design IO20CFE19868INU_web.zip
4 Call for Nominations - IO/20/CFT/10019743/ABN – Balance of Plant (BOP) Group 3, Systems Interconnections Between the ITER Site Buildings IO20CFT10019743ABN.zip
5 Call for Expertise No. IO/20/CFE/10019819/INU Support and Documentation of Interfaces for Diagnostics and Equatorial Port #08 and #17 IO20CFE19819INU_WEB.zip
6 Call for Expertise No. IO/20/CFE/10019725/INU Electrical engineering support for diagnostic port integration IO20CFE19725INU_web.zip
7 Call for Nomination No. IO/20/CFT/7-609/YMA Network Hardware and Maintenance IO20CFT7-609YMA_web.zip
8 Call for Nomination No. IO/20/CFN/7-612/JPA Centralized Procurement of Pipes & Fittings for the ITER Project IO20CFN7-612JPA_02OCT2020_web.zip
9 Call for Nomination No. IO/20/CFT/19411/ERA Manufacturing design and procurement of COM PA-EB-EP subsystem IO20CFT19411ERA_web.zip
10 Call for Expertise No. IO/20/CFE/10019302/INU Development of the Divertor Flow Monitor mechanical design for PDR IO20CFE19302INU_web.zip
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