Opportunities at ITER Organization

Sr.No Reference No. Title Date of Issue Due date Documents
1 Call for Expertise No. IO/21/CFE/10021997/INU Engineering Analysis support for the disruption mitigation system design IO21CFE10021997INU_web.zip
2 Call for Expertise No. IO/21/CFT/10021947/JPA TCWS Sampling System IO21CFT21947JPA_WEB.zip
3 Call for Expertise No. IO/21/CFE/10021654/INU Call for Expertise for Specialist work relating to the final design of Port Plugs handling features and insertion / extraction procedures IO21CFE10021654INU_web.zip
4 Call for Expertise No. IO/21/CFE/10022002/CPT Analysis that assists the diagnostic designs and requirements CFE_IO21CFE10022002CPT_web.zip
5 PIN for IO Tender Reference: IO/21/OT/70000744/EBT Prior Indicative Notice (PIN) for Services to support IO Requirements Management IO21OT70000744EBT-WEB.zip
6 Call for Nomination No. IO/21/CFT/7-725/YMA Professional Event and Conference Organizer Services IO21CFT7-725YMA_web.zip
7 Call for Expertise No. IO/21/CFE/10021928/INU Interface & documentation support for the disruption mitigation system design IO21CFE10021928INU_web.zip
8 Market Survey No. IO/MSY/21/EOF/PMT Market Survey on “Design and Supply of Electrical and optical feedthroughs for the ITER Cryostat” IO21MSYEOFPMT_WEB.zip
9 Call for Nomination No. IO/21/CFT/70000736/ABN Framework Contract to Supply Various Complex Penetrations IO21CFT70000736ABN_web.zip
10 Open Tender No. IO/21/OT/10021777/JLE Open Tender For Contract for “DMS Fast Shutter - Concept design and proof-of-principle prototyping/testing” OT_IO21OT10021777JLE-DMS_Fast_Shutter_web.zip
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