Diagnostic Neutral Beam System

Diagnostic Neutral Beam Injector

Diagnostic Neutral Beam Injector

Required for measurement of Helium ash in ITER through Charge exchange and Beam emission spectroscopy.

Involves Intense physics R&D.

Currently internal R&D activities are ongoing at ITER-India lab.

Development of components in collaboration with various domestic and international industries like Vacuum Techniques, Hind High Vacuum, BHEL (Bengaluru), NFTDC (Hyderabad), Veeral Electronics (Gandhinagar), PVA Tepla (Germany), Research Instruments, Friatec (Germany), Kyocera (Japan), Siemens, National Instruments etc.

Promoting the development / application of Electron-beam welding, High Precision Manufacturing, Material Development, Large size ceramics for insulation.

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